client testimonials

We truly appreciate all the great feedback we get from clients and are honored to be recognized among the “Best of the Gold Coast 2009 and 2010” by Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Stamford and Westport magazines for two years in a row. This was our first two years ever in the running… and we won both! Thank you everyone for your ongoing support of what we teach and preach here at TPC.

A few words about The Pilates Centre…

Alex Wilkinson, Assistant Captain of the 2015 Connecticut Oilers, had this to say about incorporating Pilates into his hockey training:

“I have been doing Pilates for almost 2 years now and it has helped me both on and off the ice in many

There are so many ways Pilates has helped me on the ice. Pilates is great for helping developing core strength and mobility. As hockey players, we need both of these things. Doing Pilates with Jen and Bruce has helped me develop a longer, stronger, and more full stride on the ice. It has also increased my core strength and my rotational ability. With a stronger core and better rotation I now have a much better and harder shot. The mobility from doing Pilates is also great for helping with the very technical aspects of skating and shooting. An underrated aspect of Pilates is also the injury prevention. It is very easy to get hurt playing hockey. While doing Pilates injuries were at an all time low this year. The recovery from doing Pilates before and after games is crucial to staying healthy as athletes. Without Pilates the level of my game today would not be nearly as high.

While there is so much Pilates can do for athletes in their respective sports, there is even more it can do for you on a day to day basis. My favorite thing about doing Pilates is that it is a mood booster. No matter how sore or tired I am, or even if i’m having a bad day; once I do Pilates I am always feeling better than when I came in. Part of this is Pilates itself, but part of it is the amazing people at the Pilates Centre. Everyone at the Pilates Centre is amazing at what they do. I know no matter who I train with I am always going to get the best possible results every time.

While training at the Pilates Centre I have met some people who have changed my life for the better. There are two trainers in particular; Jennifer Mongeluzo and Bruce Ceja. Both have helped me accomplish every goal I have had up to this point including on ice goals, off ice goals, and even my personal goals. They have taken me to the next level in almost every way possible. Through working with them my lifestyle and training has changed for the better. I will continue doing Pilates for as long as I can no matter where end up in hockey or in life.”

-Alex Wilkinson, CT Oilers EHL Championship assistant team captain.


Lucas Bombadier, Captain of the 2015 Connecticut Oilers, had this to say about mixing Pilates into his workout regimen:

“My work with Jen Mongeluzo and her team at The Pilates Centre aided in improving my overall body strength and maintaining my health throughout my hockey season. I was thrilled when Jen and her team helped take my game to the next level after the first few sessions. That was far beyond my expectations in terms of what I thought Pilates would do for me and the speed with which I was able to accomplish my goals on the ice. 

What I appreciated most about working with Jen and her team was their ability to challenge me each time I stepped in the studio, while still allowing me to leave feeling better than ever. They keep everyone happy, and deliver far more than the expected results. Pilates is the best form of exercise I’ve put my body through, and I will continue to do it throughout the rest of my hockey career and beyond.”

-Lucas Bombardier, Division 1 Ice Hockey Player, former CT Oilers EHL Championship team captain.


“I began practicing Pilates almost 10 months ago, from the beginning of the hockey season. Since my very first session, I have noticed a dramatic change on and off the ice.

Off the ice, my posture improved, along with my flexibility. Before I started working with Jen, I could barely reach my toes. Now, my entire hand can almost lay flat on the floor. However, on the ice is where I have noticed the most improvement. My core strength has improved tremendously, allowing me to move around the ice like I have never been able to before, which allows me to make saves that I couldn’t make before, and also reduces my risk of injury. I no longer feel as if I’m about to pull my groin when i’m certain positions. 

While the athletic benefits of Pilates are great, perhaps the best part is being able to work with Jen and her team. They are incredible and knowledgeable people, who would do anything to help others reach their goals. I will most definitely continue to work with Jen for as long as I can.”

-Michael Tilford, 2015 CT Oilers goaltender, EHL Champions


John Gonzalez, Calisthenics specialist and Olympic lifter, had this to say about the benefits of Pilates:

“Through my tough training, I truly believed my core and flexablility were at its peak, untill put to the test at the Pilates Centre.  As an athlete, I am thankful for discovering Pilates and adding it to my workout regimen.  After only attending Pilates 1-2 times a week for about a month now, my core, stability, flexibility, overall strength, as well as my mind+body connection have significantly increased.  I believe every athlete needs to incorporate Pilates into their training in order to take their game to the next level.  Pilates has helped me maintain my health through my intensified workouts and lifting routines.

As athlete’s, we tend to get carried away with the intensity in our workout and forget how impoirtant it is to stretch, workout safely, and focus on the little details that help us.  Pilates was an eye opening and humbling experience which taught me to be patient during my training.  As a result, my body control at this point, feels limitless.”

-John Gonzalez, Norwalk, CT


Lindsay Mashel, bride to be is one of our first “Buff Brides” who has worked her tail off to get the results she was looking for:

“Before meeting Jen, I was working out with a personal trainer in Stamford and was barely seeing any results. I was getting frustrated because my wedding was 6 months away and realized I needed to try something new. I began my bridal transformation with Jen at the Athletic Edge in January. Going to a new gym is something that makes me extremely nervous. When I met Jen all my nerves disappeared she was warm, welcoming and she believed in me. She promised that with the combination of Pilates and strength conditioning that my body would change drastically. I had personal training sessions twice a week and never missed a session. It is now June, and I have lost 20 lbs. and my body has changed, and I can’t believe that I actually have muscle definition. I went for my first dress fitting, and my dress needed to be taken in at least 4 inches. Working out at the Athletic Edge has been life changing. Even though my wedding is a few weeks away, working out here is something I will continue to do forever. At the Athletic Edge you will not experience the “normal” workout routine, you will be challenged every session with something new. I am so thankful for not giving up on working out and trying out this place. I can’t wait to wear my wedding dress, and I am even more excited to be bikini ready for my honeymoon. If you are a bride looking to change your body you must try working out here. All the trainers are amazing and you will not be disappointed with your results if you stick with it.”

-Lindsay Mashel, Norwalk, CT



“After years of chiropractors and massages, Pilates has finally helped alleviate my chronic neck pain!”
-Beverly Ward, Norwalk, CT


“I have ran, swam, biked, lifted, ‘gym-ed’ and I am still amazed at how drained I feel after Pilates – without ‘covering much earth’ or ‘moving much weight’. I am 58 and male. In 2 years with Jennifer, I have gotten taller; my lateral reach is broader and my back, my hips and my knees have stopped complaining.”
-Deke Hotchkiss, Orange, CT


“I’ve been at The Pilates Centre for over 3 years now and can’t say enough about the quality of training I’ve received from the first day I walked in. I had been doing private Pilates for about three months at another gym in Norwalk and was unhappy with the level of challenge. I wasn’t seeing results, and I wanted to be pushed more. From the second Jennifer Mongeluzo put me on one of her reformers I knew that she would rock my world with her regimen. Being an athlete herself and incredibly knowledgeable on fitness and physiology, Jen understands the needs of anyone who walks through her door. Way beyond a gentle stretch, Jen’s way of teaching is not only a super challenging workout (even after 3 years!), it also addresses pain that I’ve been carrying around with me for years. Not until Jen evaluated my body movement did I learn how my posture and body structure alone was causing me pain. I’m a runner and overall exercise addict; I put a lot of strain on my body. I would not be able to do everything I do without Pilates… nor would I be able to see my waistline! Training with Jen and her girls over the last 3 years has literally changed the shape of my body. They know the results that women want to see, and they will help you achieve it, AND keep you laughing along the way. THANK YOU Jen, Sarah, Sarah S. and Tanja for kicking my a** week in and week out!”
-Sabrina Ayala, Norwalk, CT

“I have been doing Pilates for over a year with the wonderful trainers at The Pilates Centre. Now that we are upon swimsuit season, I was just told that my body has really changed shape….for the better. My body is much more leaner and heck I even feel taller!”
-Michelle Payne, Norwalk, CT

“I went Kayaking today with a friend. Last year I could only paddle for 15 minutes and I needed to take a break. My arms burned. Paddle/break/paddle/break. Today, I went out with the same friend and we paddled for 1.5 hours, and I didn’t need a break at all! I could totally feel the difference after just 4 Pilates sessions. Thank you.”
-Lisa Lahaussois, Rowayton, CT

“The Pilates Centre has been an integral part of my weight loss/get fit journey! I was never “overweight” but felt that i could definitely be more “toned”. I’m an avid golfer too – so the emphasis on core was a tremendous help to my golf game. By working out twice a week – within a year, I lost 20 lbs and have gone down 3 dress sizes (and my handicap has also gone down to a 12 from an 18) by training twice a week! I’ve trained with Jennifer as well as the “Sarahs” and unlike many other studios – I never have to worry about working out with any of the instructors. They are ALL awesome! The studio itself is spacious and well equipped – and even offers enough cardio machines (i.e. treadmills & ellipticals) so you can really get a comprehensive workout during your time there! The biggest testament I can offer is the travel time it takes for me to get to the studio. I live in Rye Brook, NY and drive 25 minutes to Norwalk because I know that I will get a GREAT WORKOUT at the Pilates Centre!”
-Joy Andal Kaye, Rye Brook, NY

“Two years ago I thought I would give Pilates a try and see if all the hype was true – it is!! My body is so much stronger than I thought possible, and my chronic neck and back pain has all but disappeared. Before starting Pilates I used to go to the chiropractor once a week – now I can’t even remember the last time I needed an adjustment. I also love coming to the studio because all of the instructors are so fun and enjoyable to be around. The studio has such a happy, welcoming atmosphere that I genuinely look forward to my workouts. Don’t change a thing!”
-Pam Michalowski, Darien, CT

“As a 25-year health and fitness professional, yoga instructor and runner, I can’t say enough good things about the Pilates system. I’ve been a student of the Pilates Centre for several years and am constantly reaping the benefits of not only better ‘core’ strength, but also increased total body strength, balancing the muscles I can over-train with distance running and yoga, and improved postural alignment. I’ve had the pleasure of being trained by Jen (owner) and Sarah R. primarily, but have worked from time-to-time with all of the instructors. Each of the Pilates Centre instructors has studied Pilates in depth and every session is physically challenging, individualized for ability level, varied with different equipment and exercises and safe. Thanks, Ladies – I’m a huge fan of the studio!”
-Peggy Lyons, Rowayton, CT